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Panoramic Print on Canvas


Panoramic CanvasI took this picture of my husband out on the boathouse as the sun was setting over Lake Fork. It was a Panoramic shot that I really liked and wanted to have it framed and have it hung on the wall over our bed.  I tried multiple websites that convert your image to a canvas before happening across Ezprints.com.  Most of the sites I tried cropped most of the photo out in order to fit on a canvas and only have a limited number of standard sizes available.  Ezprints allowed me to format this photo onto a 12 x 6″ wrapped canvas.

I really like the end result.  I created the frame myself out of scrap wood. Basically all I did was build a frame around the canvas and they cut additional pieces to surround the inner frame cut at 45 degree angles.  I stained the completed frame and then white washed the background pieces to allow it to stand out on our sage green walls.

I included a side view of the frame so you can see how it is made.


Side view of Panoramic Print