Boathouse at sunset

The Eclectic Frog!

So, what is the Eclectic Frog, you ask?  I have been creating, refurbishing, renovating, up-cycling, and building furnishings and home decor items for years.  I created this website to share ideas, and showcase some of my new items.  I sell products through multiple sources, which changes periodically, and this site can direct you where to purchase items or maybe just give you some ideas for your own creations.  Check out my blog on Roxanne’s Workshop, if you’re interested in doing a little diy.

I’ve been asked on multiple occasions, “how did you come up with the name Eclectic Frog?”.  Well, I liked the word eclectic meaning, deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.  That pretty much sums up my design aesthetic.  As for the frog, well, I kind’a liked frogs.  When you tell people you like something, such as frogs, next thing you know, they start giving you gifts with anything that contains a frog motif.  For a while there I was inundated with frog figurines, frog wind chimes, frog decor of all types.  I’m sorry to say that my penchant for frogs has greatly diminished however, I still like the name and think frogs are kind of cute.

Visit me on  Pinterest to see more photos of items that I sell.

Also, I have items for sale in Etsy under the store name Roxanne’s Workshop.  I accept custom orders for many of the items I create.